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Suzanne C. Grim

I have always enjoyed working, meeting people and traveling.

My family took me to Europe and Canada as a child but I really got the travel bug during high school. I attended Pius XI and was fortunate to travel to Sri Lanka in my Junior year as an AFS student.


While earning my Bachelor of Arts in Journalism/Advertising at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I studied in England for a semester. There is nothing quite like immersing yourself in the arts full time as I did in London.


After graduating, I worked and traveled in Australia for a year. I had a few temp jobs upon returning, but ended up as an Account Manager at Quad Graphics for roughly five years.

I decided that I wanted more than a desk job so I returned to school full time while continuing to work. I received an Associates degree in Photography from the Milwaukee Area Technical College (M.A.T.C.) I graduated in 2000 on the Dean’s Honor List.


I began working for Carson Pirie Scott as an Assistant Fashion Photographer immediately after graduation and remained there until 2002 when I got married. We did location photography in Florida and I was fortunate to be able to assist on these trips.


In 2002 I married Dave, a Navy man. We were off to Ventura, California for the next 3½ years where I did freelance photography while working at a locally owned camera store. Southern California is very beautiful and offers lovely backdrops for portraits.


In March of 2006 we were off again – this time to New Orleans, LA.  I worked for 9 1/2 years at Lakeside Camera Photoworks as a photographer and a sales person. 


In August 2015 I began working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)  I currently work for the USACE while shooting professionally on the side.

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